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Special MidWeek Music Notes Announcements

Special Midweek Announcement- Mattress Fundraiser and Home Comp Info
Text Campaign
TAKE A PICTURE of your student referral flyer (With your child’s name inserted)
TEXT it to 20 + friends and family with brief message:
Sample Message:
Our Mission Viejo High School needs your help! Our Mattress sale is this Saturday 09/14/2019 from 10am-5pm.
Great mattresses at great prices! Our goal is to help locate as many people as possible that could stand to replace a mattress in their home and have them attend our event. These are brand new, quality name brand mattresses, pillows, sheets, adjustable base beds and more for up to 50% Off! 
Please come out and support (Your child’s name). Mention our family’s name at purchase
Home Comp
The 40th Annual Field Show Competition (also known as Home Comp) takes place Saturday, Oct 5. This is the largest fundraiser for our program and benefits the entire music program!
Thank you to al who signed up at the Parent Meeting Last week. Please check the online up list to ensure your volunteer slot is correct. Some slots were reassigned due to availability.
If you have not signed up, please do so below!