Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

PLEASE READ- A Message from Mr. Westphal

A Message from Mr. Westphal Regarding Programs at MVHS
MVHS Music Families:
I am writing you all with a very heavy heart. Over the last 24 hours, I have read countless emails starting with the word “We regret to inform you…” As we were wrapping up the band festival this afternoon, my phone pinged and I saw an email come through from the district office. Up until that point, from our school district, I had only seen “business as usual, but wash your hands” updated. This one was different and much longer. As I read through the email, which I am sure you received as well, my heart sank. Effective at midnight tonight, all concerts, events, etc. are cancelled.
For us as a music program, the ramifications are vast. To be blunt, drumline and color guard seasons are effectively over. The orchestra festival tomorrow will not continue as planned. Area night, one of our biggest recruiting events, which is supposed to be March 31, is up in the air, but I am not holding my breath for the event to go on.
There is much that we do not know, and will not know until worldwide events begin to settle down. The letter from the district suspended much of the high school life indefinitely. This means that events like musical, spring concert, etc. may be effected. I do not have very many answers, and as I get information, I will do my best to share it with you.
Moving forward, there will be many hard conversations between Doug Meeuwsen, coaches, administration, and myself. Right now, for many events, we will continue to plan and learn as if they are going to happen. I was encouraged by a number of students today who were excited to work on new music, regardless of whether we get to perform it or not. We are brainstorming creative ways to make sure your students get the most out of their time in our program while they are here, and continue to grow and develop as outstanding musicians.
If you have any questions, please reach out, and I will do my best to provide any information that I have. I thank you for your patience in this time of uncertainty, and your support of our students and the music program. I will keep you updated when I know more about the status of everything.
Bobby Westphal
Director of Instrumental Music
Mission Viejo High School