Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

Photos & Video

Thanks to the ongoing work of our photo and video volunteers, many professional-quality photos and videos are available of individual students and groups in action at most MVHS Instrumental Music program events.

Photos are posted to Shutterfly for you to view and download at no cost (with a Shutterfly membership). Photos from past years are available below.

To join Shutterfly, click on the link, then in the top right corner select “Sign Up”. Once you’ve joined Shutterfly and are on our Shutterfly page, in the top right corner is a link to “Ask to become a member”. Click this and enter your email, and our photo manager will add you as a member of the page. You will then be able to download any picture to your own computer for free!

Videos of past performances can be viewed on our MVHS Music Videos YouTube channel.

We are always in need of more photographers and videographers for events! To volunteer, contact the Photo Manager or Video Manager.