Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

MusicNotes- Special Home Comp Edition

Home Comp Edition
A HUGE Thank You
The 40th Annual Mission Viejo High School Field Show Tournament raised over $12,000 for the entire Mission Viejo music program.  
We hosted 1500 performers from 13 schools.  Thank you to all of the Diablo volunteers and donors who made the day special for our students.  A special thank you to team that spent hundreds of hours preparing for the event including Eric Berge, Beth Imlay, Beth Hawkins, Carolyn and Bob DeBerard, Chris Hill, Dan Bati, Dana Barnes, David and Peggy Dutcher, Dawn Johnson, Debbie Penderghast, Donna and Ken Stegall, Gayle Yraceburu, Gina Hernandez, Gretchen Widmer, Joanne Gardner, Chef Jose Segura, Katy Howe, Madeline and Todd Elliott, Meade and Lori Wildrick, Melanie Graham, Steve Ehrensperger, Mia and Ryan Winn, Wendy and Tim Morgan, and Kevin Loo.  Also our gratitude goes to the thirteen United States Marines who not only serve our country but each of them volunteered 12 hours of their time to serve our school.

Event Feedback
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Student Notes of Appreciation
Some of the MVHS students wrote notes of appreciation to all who volunteered their time, donations, and energy for the event:
To all the parents and all other volunteers, the entire band gives their thanks for the service given at home comp. Hosting an event like that is something that would not have been possible without the extra help. This event is something that is highly enjoyed by all band members. We are all thankful to everyone who made it possible. -Andrew Ehrensperger
Dear parents and volunteers, this year’s home comp was an amazing experience for my section and I, and I hope it was for all of you as well. None of what we do would be possible without your help, and I hope you know that your contribution to the program does not go unnoticed. We are beyond grateful. Thank you so much! – Bailey Heilman
Hello parents and adult volunteers who decided to help at our Marching Band Home Competition. This is a message the Battery 😀 We admire everything you guys did to fulfill the expectations and requirements meant for our comp. This is typical to say but really, without you all it would not have turned out the way it did and it honestly would have been a wreck. For making it run smoothly and for us obtaining a great experience that we will remember outside of high school, we thank you all. -Konner Ayers
Thank you so much for everything we could not of got anything done. Also thank you for your service if you are or were someone that was in the military or navy etc. -Matin Bani
Hey parents and volunteers! Thanks so much for helping at home comp! We may get the spotlight with our show, but the real backbone of band and what makes it run is you guys, and without you we would have no chance to go out and perform our great show. Everyone that helped out made it possible for us to host all the great schools that played, and for home comp to even happen. Thanks again so much for supporting us and working for the band to have a successfully home comp! -Ryan Kupsh
Dear Parents and Home Comp Volunteers, 
I’d like to express a sincere thank you for all the hard work you guys have put in to make this competition possible. Every single one of you, contributed your time and effort to help us continue to do what we love to do, and have so much fun doing it. As someone who volunteered at Home Comp two years before I began High School, I understand completely the amount of effort and planning that is involved in this feat. Your hard work gives the members of this program the opportunity to experience something not many schools can be apart of, which is hosting a competition. I saw first hand how much fun a lot of the Marching Band members had, and I’m positive they will remember Home Comp for years and years to come. 
Thank you again, 
Cody Boone