Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

Boosters Meeting Minutes - September 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Band Room

*In attendance: Bobby Westphal, Carolyn DeBerard, Kevin Loo, Gretchen Widmer,
Beth Imlay, Dana Barnes, Carrie Villanueva, Gayle Yraceburu, Katy Howe, Serena Jackson,
Chris Hill, Judy Phillingame, Joanne Gardner, Peggy Dutcher, Dave Dutcher

Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

*Bobby Westphal – Music Director
Orchestra auditions today. Positive feedback from coaches.
First movement and a half yesterday at Monday Night Practice, timeline better than last year.
Home game this Friday, will perform anthem at start and the show at halftime.
Hoping to have three movements by Home Comp, maybe only 2 and a half.
Will perform the show AFTER the homecoming game.


*PRESIDENT – Carolyn DeBerard

  1. Two Slate positions to vote on:
    Volunteer Coordinator – Serena Jackson: Gayle Y. moves to approve, Chris H. seconds, unanimous
    Hospitality – Jana Himert: Dana B. moves to approve, Joanne G. seconds, unanimous.
    Still need Treasurer & Ways and Means.
    ii.   Textile Fundraising: still collecting…always collecting! 
    Black Beauty 1/8 full; we get $.25/pound; Need two adults and a truck to help transport to Fullerton; Joanne G. and Serena J. offer to help
    iii.   Parent Meeting went well!  Dana, Beth and Gina did great jobs with their groups reiterating importance of program donations and volunteering!
    Chris H. wished there was more information given; Carolyn D: Handbook is coming. Everything is also on the website.
    iv.   Mattress Fundraiser:  Need help Saturday…Students and parents to “chaperone” during the sale.  Bobby, get students to sign-up/flyers.
    v.   Ways & Means: 1 person per fundraiser? Do an email reach out?
    Maybe fundraising events run by each group in turn: Orchestra, Marching Band, etc.
    vi.   THHS reached out about selling t-shirts for a fundraiser to our parents for their MACY’S   trip… Shirt says: “football (crossed out) marching band season”
    Carolyn D: we want our parents to buy from us, for us. Bobby W: Maybe not, in the interest of fostering football/ marching band relations
    Bobby W: would like to open up this year’s show shirt design to students
    vii.   Mixed Bags Fundraiser…Boon Supply: High Quality Products – 40% profit back on EVERY product Online Webstore for everyone “Text to Shop”.
    Could we have students sell products with flyers or through email contacts? They have all kinds of products; kitchen products, great reusable bags….
    Gretchen W: we already have Redbubble set up, sounds like same kinds of products?

We could also have students sell Redbubble with flyers. Redbubble is customizable.
Peggy D: the Boon products are general, not custom
Carolyn D: lets look into this further

*SECRETARY – Gretchen Widmer
i.   Presenting August Minutes for vote, Dana B. second, unanimous approval

*TREASURER – TBD Beth Imlay (Acting)
*Financial Secretary – Katy Howe
i.   Presenting Financial Reports
Transaction Report: recent activity
“California Nonprofit Raffle Application” – there is an annual report due: Applied in 2018 and never heard back, so did not submit report: must file now.
We need program donations and Fresno fees.
Financials presented by Beth I. for approval, Carolyn D. second, unanimous approval
ii.  Tax filing presented by Beth I. as prepared by tax preparer, Dana B. second, unanimous approval
iii.  Discussion about use of Paypal, and the fees involved (3%), whether to charge extra for Paypal payments. Joanne G. recommends using Venmo, is free. Kevin L. suggests maybe Zelle, through bank.

Home Comp:
i.  Three lists online: Student Volunteers, Adult Volunteers, Donations
Student Volunteers: not much time for MB/CG to volunteer during event, will help cleanup
Students not performing should volunteer during event
Adult Volunteers and Donations: always short on sign-ups
Katy H: we need potatoes and people to cook potatoes
ii.  WBA schedule is set, MVHS performs 5:57, anthem at 5:00
Have student(s) perform anthem.
iii.  Trophies: $1500.

VP OPERATIONS – Todd Elliott
i.  Props have been decided on.


MEMBER AT LARGE – Eric Berge, Open, Open

*Color Guard Assistant Manager – Chris Hill
i.  Hotel in Fresno? Carolyn D: 45 rooms booked: students, coaches, chaperones;
parents will be given opportunity to book their own rooms
ii.  There are times when Gina is not available, need to figure out how to fill in

*Concert Ensembles Assistant Manager – Carrie Villanueva

Drumline Assistant Manager – Brooke Dumhart

HOSPITALITY MANAGER – voting on tonight
Hospitality Assistant Manager – Open

JAZZ BAND MANAGER – Shelley Konecky
Jazz Band Assistant Manager – Debbie Penderghast

Marching Band Assistant Manager – Open

UNIFORM MANAGER – Melanie Graham
Uniform Assistant Manager – Kim Ayres

  1. Dickies order forms available this Friday 9/13
    ii. Booster wear order forms available this Friday 9/13
    iii.  All orders will be due by 9/24 (must be paid to place order!)
    iv.  Will try to get orders delivered by Oct 4 (fingers crossed!) in time for HC
    v.   First dress out for the home game on Friday 9/13.  Watch the call sheet volunteers can arrive to help 10 minutes before students’ time to dress.

Letterman jackets are purchased through outside merchants. There is a vendor that may visit and present to the students.

Legend Assistant Manager – Open




*VIDEO MANAGER – Gretchen Widmer

WEBMASTER – Jeremy Barnes


*ALUMNI LIAISON – Gayle Yraceburu

ALUMNI COMMITTEE – Melissa Wheelahan, Milad Demetry Faith Couts, *Joanne Gardner

i.  Alumni committee structure: any time Board or Westphal needs help, we can pull in alumni committee members to fill in holes. The committee is not on the board and does not have voting rights.
ii.  Are we interested in calling out to other alumni who are not official committee members?
Maybe going forward, establish a list of people willing to be on the alumni list.
Bobby W: put on website an alumni resources list, a place alumni can sign up
Kevin l: should include alumni students too


Meeting adjourned at: 8:03 PM