Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

Boosters Meeting Minutes - August 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 

7:00 p.m. Band Room 

*In attendance: Bobby Westphal, Carolyn DeBerard, Kevin Loo, Beth Imlay, Todd Elliott, Gina Hernandez, Shelley Konecky, Dana Barnes, Beth Hawkins, Carrie Villanueva, Kimberly Ayers, Gayle Yraceburu, Bob DeBerard, Steve Ehrensperger, Gretchen Widmer 


*MUSIC DIRECTOR – Bobby Westphal 

Band camp going well Front ensemble is big this year- we are out of instruments- use timpani? Or rent 5th marimba from another school for the year @ $30./month Orchestra camp on Saturday 17th 21 new students in MB and CG Brass section bigger, percussion about same, woodwinds and CG smaller: total number in 90s, we are small for 4A (over 110) – hard to compete against much larger groups – considering dropping to 3A to be competitive Our staff is also reduced now, except for CG – maybe consider reducing CG in future In the next two weeks 1⁄2 the show music should be written 


*PRESIDENT – Carolyn DeBerard 

Let me know if you can’t make it to meetings. Text communication is best. No Parlimentarian- remind me if I need to correct something Sidebar Conversations- let’s avoid, or take outside Money: don’t spend ANY money without permission from Carolyn or Kevin If you spend money without permission, it is your donation Need Treasurer ASAP so that Beth I. can go enjoy her life E-mails will go out to parents to plead for essential positions Since no Ways and Means, how about creating sign-up genius to have all parents sign up to lead one fundraiser? Effort for dine-outs is more than the payoff Sell decals? Beth H: How about having ensemble groups play at local restaurants for donations? Dana B: Maybe concentrate on say, the big five fundraisers for the year Need volunteers for textile transport: program-wide fundraiser Beth H: make sure goals of each fundraiser are clear from the beginning; what it is for Mattress fundraiser coming up Additional chaperones, Hospitality Manager needed Items to possibly sell: scissor lift? Gayle Y: it was donated, could we donate to another school? Bobby- we do still use it. Big lights on field? Used during Home Comp and during some practice: three are ours, rest are soccer teams; they do maintenance, both groups use Scaffolding? Purchased used five years ago Parent Meeting preparation: Carolyn will send info to managers to send out (no Communications Manager) Will break parents into groups again Bobby: Back to School Night Oct 2nd – another time to get volunteers 

Beth H: we need to get together to talk about budget, where money is spent for each group, so parents can understand what their own student is getting Kevin L: can we make public our percentages for fair share donations? Bobby: in a general way, yes Bob D: parents think they have already paid through their taxes: need to educate that the music program does not get that money Carolyn D: How to not fatigue parents with requests for money? How about offering a payment plan? Can we involve students more in ownership of the program? Kevin L: publicize how much we make, celebrate when money comes in Bob D: bi-lingual communication might help so that all parents can understand Gayle Y: distinction between board meetings (for business) and general booster meetings to get more parents to come and see behind-the-scenes Kevin L: maybe have 4 parent meetings per year instead of just one Bobby: last school he was at would vote on big items at last concert of the year 

*SECRETARY – Gretchen Widmer 

Presenting June Minutes for Vote Bob D. 1st, Beth I. 2nd, unanimous approved 

*TREASURER – Beth Imlay (Acting) Financial Secretary – Katy Howe 

Presenting Financial Reports: difference from June report, coaches were taken out from last year. CPA working on tax return, financials will go to Jim (auditor) in a couple of weeks Kevin L: at parent night, if we say we lost $33,000. last year, how do we explain why that is? Beth I: most groups last year around 50% donation, Drumline was 90% Managers try to do a synopsis from big events, report on website Beth I. presented financials for approval: Kim A. 1st, Dana B. 2nd, unanimous approval Coaches were paid from district June/July Jackson Lai was double paid last summer and this summer: we paid him, then district paid him, but our payment to him was credited to Trabuco Hills; we owe district Very Important Forms: Check request form: must fill out for all reimbursements Deposit Documentation form: must accompany all deposits, with copy of checks 

*VP OPERATIONS – Todd Elliott 

Need Props to be decided upon ASAP: Bobby will discuss with Todd Would be great to have props by Home Comp 


MEMBER AT LARGE – Eric Berge, Open, Open 


Color Guard Assistant Manager – Chris Hill 


Drumline Assistant Manager – Brooke Dumhart 


Hospitality Assistant Manager – Open 

*JAZZ BAND MANAGER – Shelley Konecky 

Jazz Band Assistant Manager – Debbie Penderghast 


Marching Band Assistant Manager – Open 


*Orchestra Assistant Manager – Carrie Villanueva 

UNIFORM MANAGER – Melanie Graham 

*Uniform Assistant Manager – Kim Ayres: 

i.THANK YOU to all the students, parents and alumni/alumni parents who helped on fitting 

day! – Fitting/kick-off day was very successful ii. Very good attendance (61 MB + 15 Guard + 31 Concert Ensembles) iii. Collected full or partial program donations from 11 MB students and 6 Concert Ensemble 

students! iv. Full payment for all gear and spirit wear with only 3 or 4 exceptions! 

  1. Friar Tux sold 8 tuxedos (billing to follow) vi. Collected authorization to treat forms vii. Informed all mb and guard about new physical procedure (notification to us on August 5!) I 

personally visited Mrs. Davidson last Friday and she was very helpful – seems our group is following the instructions re: uploading viii. Will finish the final fittings (66 done, 7 or fewer to go) during band camp, likely during evenings 

(during week 1) or at the end of the morning session (if necessary week 2) ix. Remaining guard fittings (3) are already scheduled off site 

  1. Working with Gina/Joanne to find a “fix” for the problem of the discontinued GTM warm ups for 

this season xi. Only 3 mb uniforms require sewn alterations xii. Pressing party to follow in early September, before first full dress out- anyone can come help! xiii. Spirit wear and band bags have been ordered (will have a few extra items, but not many). All 

new items will have the NEW logos that meet the schools brand reqs and have been approved xiv. Will order marching shoes late week – Anticipated delivery of all ordered items o/a August 29 xv. Adult spirit wear and Dickies jackets will be ordered mid-September (info at parent meeting) 

and Info about Letterman jackets to follow (info at parent meeting) xvi. Small inventory of old logo items remain. Get yours if you want them! Sweatshirts (all $20/ea): 2 – size S, 1 – size L, 2 – size XL, 1 – size 2XL 

T-shirts (all $5/ea): 1 – size XL 2019 Drumline t, 3 – size XL vintage red, 3 – size 2XL black drifit, 3 – size 2 XL black band/guard t’s, 2 – size 3XL black drifit Keychains – NOW only $5/ea! Decals – NOW only $2! 

Final comment. Everyone please be mindful of food left in the band room. I had to deal with rodent-hoarded wrappers/scraps in the uniform room before fitting day. Not my wrappers and not my idea of a fun time. Still need to clean up rodent droppings on shelves. Food wrappers/containers go OUTSIDE. Please tell your students 🙂 

Gretchen W: Business and Personal Ads for the program: 

All parents should consider businesses they own or know that might advertise Personal ads are for all MB and CG students, not just seniors Flyers for both ad types available, need to get out to parents Deadline for both is September 18th 

*VP – Kevin Loo: HOME COMP: 

Approach local businesses: donations or advertising in program: colleges for ads, grocery stores for donations Donation request letter will be on the website Every Monday evening until Oct 5th, home comp meeting in Choir room Need Bake Sale coordinator and Soda Wars coordinator (competition by band section for soda donations) We brought in $10,000 last year, this is our largest fundraiser of the year 

Carolyn D: No Communications Manager: Mrs. Westphal offered to do Music Notes 

Info for Music Notes should still funnel through Kevin or Carolyn Discussion about any issues? Voted unanimous to accept her help 


Legend Assistant Manager – Open 




*VIDEO MANAGER – Gretchen Widmer 

WEBMASTER – Jeremy Barnes 


*ALUMNI LIAISON – Gayle Yraceburu 


Melissa Wheelahan 

Milad Demetry 

Faith Couts 

Joanne Gardner 

MEETING ADJOURNED AT _8:31_ by Carolyn DeBerard 

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