Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

Boosters Meeting Minutes - November 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

7:00 p.m. Band Room

Meeting Start: 7:00pm

*In Attendance: Carolyn DeBerard, Todd Elliott, JoAnne Gardner, Melanie Graham, Gina Hernandez, Chris Hill, Judy Phillingane, Carrie Villanueva, Alie Westphal, Bobby Westphal, Gretchen Widmer

*MUSIC DIRECTOR – Bobby Westphal

  1. Added narrations to MB/CG show last night, will fine tune
  2. Brian Dinkel donated electronic equipment from RCC
  3. Ensembles concert Thursday, today was the first day on the stage
  4. Spoke with Brian also about Drumline show. Goal is to have first music before Christmas break and the rest shortly after. Also will try to get Drumline costume design and budget sorted out Will measure
  5. Drumline and Winter Guard for costumes in early Dec, maybe on same day?
  6. Drumline interest will be assessed in week after Fresno


*PRESIDENT – Carolyn DeBerard

  1. Looking for VP, Ways and Means, Parliamentarian, Volunteer Coord.
  2. Serena Jackson, our Volunteer Coordinator officially stepped down, but willing to help with dine outs.
  3. Textiles–Always collecting
  4. Next fundraiser: Poinsettias-already in motion. We get 50% of everything we sell. If La Paz joins us, then we get 25% of their sales since we are the pickup location. Pickup will be 3:30 to 7:30 on the night of Jazz Cafe
  5. Renewed Reg. on Black Beauty: $2280, $1300 of which was late fees because we never got the registration notice. Diner registration is good at least another year. Cleaning up Diner now for Fresno, and will need new tires on Diner next year.
  6. In the home stretch…Thursday, concert…Friday football, Saturday, THHS Comp, Monday, ice cream party, Friday, Fresno, Monday Collapse. vii. Boosters Christmas Party in December? Or in January?


*SECRETARY – Gretchen Widmer

  1. Added clarification to October minutes from Beth H. regarding selling tickets at Fall and PreFestival Concerts. Perhaps we should revisit the vote and consider selling tickets for PreFestival this year.
  2. Presenting October Minutes for approval: Todd E. second, approved unanimous iii. Secretary position would be great for a new parent: not too much commitment, and learn about Boosters by being at once-a-month meetings. If any parent expresses interest in getting involved, this would be a good entry position. Could transition in at any time during this year.

*TREASURER – Judy Phillingane

  1. We are already over on expenditures for instruments (budget item 8600): budget was $1000, have spent $1750
    Bobby W: Bertrands invoices should not go to us, there was a Nov transaction for instruments to Bertrands?
  2. Almost made the budget for home comp income (Gretchen W: there are still three program ad payments outstanding)
  3. Budget $1000 for a storage bin? Maybe it is the cost to make keys?
  4. Presenting Financial Reports dated Nov 10th for approval, JoAnne G. second, approved unanimous

*VP OPERATIONS – Todd Elliott

  1. Will bring extra hinges to Fresno
  2. Consulting on possible winch for BB ramp
  3. JoAnne G: need baby trailer at La Paz right after Fresno for CG, her husband will check the trailer over break
    Carolyn D: need to drain gas out of generators when not in use


MEMBER AT LARGE – Eric Berge, Open, Open

*Color Guard Assistant Manager – Chris Hill
*Color Guard Alum–JoAnne Gardner

  1. Extra hotel room for Fresno
  2. Dec. 4th WG parent mtg.–Choir room
  3. Creating payment schedule for WG–Vegas included
  4. Need to book time for WG fitting, maybe same day as Drumline

*Concert Ensembles Assistant Manager – Carrie Villanueva

  1. Concert this Thursday: Empanada Maker-dinner, Handel’s ice cream-dessert: Volunteers needed (vendors may have some workers come) Students will help set up event, but we need staff for welcome table and cleanup Don’t forget chairs!
  2. Next concert is Dec 17th: Program info will be due Dec 4th.
    Melanie G: there will be roster updates

Drumline Assistant Manager – Brooke Dumhart

HOSPITALITY MANAGER – JANA HIMERT (with Eric Himert) Hospitality Assistant Manager – Open

JAZZ BAND MANAGER – Shelley Konecky
Jazz Band Assistant Manager – Debbie Penderghast

  1. Jazz Cafe right around the corner

Marching Band Assistant Manager – Open

*UNIFORM MANAGER – Melanie Graham
Uniform Assistant Manager – Kim Ayres

  1. Uniforms – Spot cleaned senior uniform jackets for Senior Night. All looked good. – Will spot clean ALL jackets prior to Fresno.
  2. 2nd Dickies jacket order has been delivered. Done for this year. – 2nd Booster wear order is in. Delivery to parents this week. – We ordered a few extra booster wear items (new style men’s and women’s polos plus t-shirts). These are available for immediate purchase! – Show shirts – 2/3 are sold. Some sizes running low. Encourage students and families to buy before Fresno. – MVP shirts ordered and delivered.
  3. Working with Gina & JoAnne to consolidate extra stock CG items (warm ups, gloves, etc) in the Uniform Room for ease of inventory/access.
  4. A few additional old logo items were found in some newly recovered boxes. JoAnne will use these items in the baskets for sale at Spin on the New Year.
  5. Finalizing dates now for Drumline and Winter Guard costume fittings (early December fitting with expected delivery late Jan/early Feb)
  6. Seeking Assistant Uniform Manager to begin shadowing asap. Work will begin early next year (in July) to accommodate the earlier start to the school year.

LEGENDS MANAGER – Erika Myhra Legend Assistant Manager – Open




*VIDEO MANAGER – Gretchen Widmer

  1. Is it feasible to do Ensemble Group Photos the same day as Festival? Students will all be at school in concert attire. Bobby W: sounds good as long as admin. will allow it ii. Senior photos from senior night?
    Carolyn D: photographer is in the process of uploading to Shutterfly

WEBMASTER – Jeremy Barnes


ALUMNI LIAISON – Gayle Yraceburu

ALUMNI COMMITTEE – Melissa Wheelahan, Milad Demetry Faith Couts, Joanne Gardner

Carolyn D: BB truck had been insured for 80,000 lbs, bumped down to 65,000 lbs. to save some money on registration. Penalty is high for overweight, so do not want to cut it too close Dennis Z. is taking truck Monday to be weighed before truck is unloaded after Trabuco Comp

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm