Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

Boosters Meeting Minutes - October 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
7:00 p.m. Band Room

*In Attendance: Bobby Westphal, Alie Westphal, Carolyn DeBerard, Kevin Loo, Beth Imlay, Judy Phillingane, Beth Hawkins, Carrie Villanueva, Shelley Konecky, Dana Barnes, Gina Hernandez, Chris Hill, Donna Stegall, JoAnne Gardner, Steve Ehrensperger, Gretchen Widmer

Meeting Start: 7:04pm

*MUSIC DIRECTOR – Bobby Westphal
  1. Thank you everyone for Home Comp, was not too stressed. MVHS came in first place, high visual and high music. Did not really expect to win other captions, it is early in season. First piece of 4th movement due Thursday.
  2. E-mail from Brandon Miller, director at El Toro, about Saddleback Festival – Saddleback College booking fell through – could we host at MVHS? Two days, Thursday and Friday, March 12th and 13th. We need district approval, should come through this week.
  3. New schedule addition: Chamber Music/Solos concert Tuesday December 10th, in the theater.
  4. Theater is booked other days that week. Maybe have food out front, charge $5. or so for tickets. How to make distinct from Jazz Café event? Working on it with the student leadership. This is same night as boosters meeting. Maybe skip December meeting or meet elsewhere.
  5. Two main things to put paperwork through the school for:
    1. Fundraisers: submit a budget before and a recap after every fundraiser
    2. Facilities: anytime we use any facility, even for using band room for boosters. Sometimes they want to book something else in the band room.
    Submit to ASB, needs to be submitted by Wednesdays when they meet or it has to wait until the next Wednesday. Beth H: who is responsible for that paperwork? Bobby, Carolyn. The point is for ASB and club students to learn budgeting. Gretchen W: with that goal, maybe band leadership should also see that paperwork?

*PRESIDENT – Carolyn DeBerard
  1. One slate position to vote on: Treasurer, *Judy Phillingane: Kevin L. motions, Dana B. seconds, approved unanimous
  2. Still need Ways and Means person.
  3. Textiles Drive: $1092. from last collection. Keep collecting.
  4. Legends fundraising check came in. $13,557, divided by five entities. Should advertise to parents the opportunity, perhaps giving examples of how much some families (anonymously) have made this season. It might be worth having another parent meeting in the spring to inform about what Legends is: we have two tents, one is drinks, the other is wine. Training is normally in the spring. We are in danger of losing the contract due to personnel shortage.
  5. Mattress Fundraiser report: 13 mattresses sold, and assorted pillows and other items: $910 earned. Should consider whether this is a good fundraiser for us. Maybe not have all the area schools mattress fundraise at same time of year. Could we do it in January, or the spring?
  6. Ways & Means: Still question of fundraisers per group or all together?
  7. Next fundraiser is Poinsettias. Another fundraiser option: wreaths. We may have missed timeline for wreaths this year. Poinsettias were easy. Maybe poinsettias have more universal appeal. Can sell to churches too. Kevin L: move to sell Poinsettias, Beth I. second, approved unanimous. Who to head it up? Maybe Serena Jackson.

*SECRETARY – Gretchen Widmer
  1. September minutes went out with October agenda and they have been on the website. Gretchen W. presents September Minutes for vote, Beth I. seconds, approved unanimous
*TREASURER – TBD Beth Imlay (Acting) Financial Secretary – Katy Howe
  1. Presenting Financial Reports
    Home Comp cash report: 26 or 27,000 gross, expenses expected around 11,000
    Taxes have been mailed
    Legends through July 17th – checks have been sent to volunteers – Choir makes more than we do
    (7000 out of the 13,557 total)
    $3500 coaching check sent to district in May has not been cashed
    Beth I. presents financials, Carolyn D. motions to approve, Dana B. seconds, approved unanimous
  2. Beth I. presents Mike Smith as auditor, Dana B. seconds, approved unanimous
  3. Migrating Quickbooks to an online account, saves us money

  1. Home Comp cleared about $12,000 (last year $10,000), grossed about $27,000: more 5A bands
    Event seemed to go well, smooth, directors were happy and some said they come every year and new ones said they will come back
    1489 performers, 13 schools
    We were out by 11:30pm, maybe a record
    40th annual: it was good to bring  some history into it – new volunteers came to work event, they need to step up for future. There was a lot of help from people who do not have kids in the program: alumni, marines, etc. We need to get parents involved.
    Irvine Valley College expressed interest, maybe we should approach local colleges to have a booth at the event

VP OPERATIONS – Todd Elliott
  1. Walls have been made
  2. 20 crates 4’x4’ sq.-10 at 18” high and 10 at 36” high are going to be made
  3. 5 barrels are going to be made.  Proto already done.


MEMBER AT LARGE – Eric Berge, Open, OpenM

*Color Guard Assistant Manager – Chris Hill
  1. Guard is registered for WGI, need to arrange everything

*Concert Ensembles Assistant Manager – Carrie Villanueva
  1. Need all program content for Nov. 14th concert by Friday October 28th -including:
    • Class rosters-Bobby will provide
    • Jazz Cafe ad-Shelley
    • Fundraising announcements
  2. Who will run bake sale/merch table at concert? Carolyn D. will run this by Serena J., see about volunteers
  3. Who will arrange catering truck/coffee vendor? Try to get taco guy again
  4. Are we selling tickets for all concerts or just holiday and spring like last year?
    Beth I. suggests Holiday concert is a big draw, even for community members. Fall is first concert, not as polished. Pre-Festival is somewhat “in-house” and with Segerstrom being around same time.  At last Spring concert not all designated seats were sold. We could have all seats have tickets, with only some being paid seats – after discussion, decided this would be too complicated for people who attend. Will block out a section like last year for sales.
    Carolyn D. motions to sell tickets at holiday and spring concerts, Dana B. seconds, approved unanimous.
    Additional comment from Beth H. 10/10/19: First concert of the year is worthy of ticket sales. Home comp this year was the first competition of the season. Music was not complete. Props were not finished. Yet, no one assumed the first show was not good enough to sell tickets. Every other sport or performing arts group on campus sells tickets. I don’t think our concert ensembles performances should be devalued.
Drumline Assistant Manager – Brooke Dumhart
  1. We are registered for DL comp season, SCPA and WGI – 6 dates

HOSPITALITY MANAGER – Jana Himert (with Eric Himert)
Hospitality Assistant Manager – Open

*JAZZ BAND MANAGER – Shelley Konecky
Jazz Band Assistant Manager – Debbie Penderghast

Marching Band Assistant Manager – Open
  1. Fresno status: 45 % before last night collections
    Hotel status – refundable until Nov 15th
  2. Senior night Nov 1st, Friday. Maybe just a cake reception instead of dinner, need flowers, someone to do pictures. Beth H: Fuji’s is a good source for flowers

UNIFORM MANAGER – Melanie Graham
Uniform Assistant Manager – Kim Ayres
  1. Home Comp went well from uniform perspective: Things we will continue training on are:  always putting uniforms back on correct student’s hanger, always putting shakos back in correct student’s shako box, care of gloves and gauntlets to reduce staining and mildew
  2. Only 2 old-logo dri-fit shirts left sized 3X. All others sold during home comp!
  3. Dickies jackets ordered. Expected delivery October 17th.
  4. Booster wear ordered and delivered in time for Home Comp. Additional booster wear orders trickling in, may do a 2nd order in Nov.
  5. Costumes for CG due to be delivered Oct. 16…JoAnne will pick up.

Legend Assistant Manager – Open


  1. Music Notes policies: make sure you get submissions in by Thursday night for going out that Sunday
    Kevin L: could we get our other events on the MV city corner marquee?


*VIDEO MANAGER – Gretchen Widmer

WEBMASTER – Jeremy Barnes


ALUMNI LIAISON – Gayle Yraceburu

ALUMNI COMMITTEE Melissa Wheelahan, Milad Demetry Faith Couts, *JoAnne Gardner

Meeting adjourned at: 8:26 pm