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The Drum Line is the drums collected together in a single marching unit. The Drum Line includes snare drums, tenors, bass drums, cymbals, and/or timpani. The Pit is the percussion equipment and musicians who do not march on the field, but are stationary on the frontline. This also describes the area where those percussion instruments are set.

During the fall season, the ensemble performs as part of the Marching Band with performances at competitions through the state in the WBA circuit and at school football games. During the spring season, the ensemble performs an original, indoor show and competes at various venues in the Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) circuit and at the Winter Guard International (WGI) Percussion Championships.

This group is one of the most successful on campus!  The Mission Viejo Percussion Ensemble started out in the local competition circuits from 1989-1996, winning SoCal Championships in 1993 and 1994. We have been attending WGI National Championships since 1996. We have the longest standing Finals streak of any high school in the nation (17 years and counting in Finals). We have won the National Championship twice (2001 & 2007), silver medal three times and a Bronze medal one time.

2016 Drumline Performance 

2015 WGI Finals Dayton, OH 

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