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Program Donation Summary 2019/20


What are Program Donations?

Program Donations are recommended contributions to support our Music Program.  The MVHS Instrumental Music Program is comprehensive and robust.  The program provides excellent coaching and experiences for our students – all through financial donations from our students, families, local businesses and other benefactors.

Our program is self-funded, meaning that we all help pay for the costs of instrument repairs, coaching, transportation, competition fees, uniform maintenance – basically everything involved in financially driving the program.

The Music Program really needs everyone to donate and contribute to keep the program going.  

The Program Donation is the desired amount for each student and depends on the ensembles they are participating in. The amounts differ due to expenses like coaching, travel, and competition fees. 

Every student should have the opportunity to participate.  

There are many ways to help contribute or raise funds for the music program.  There are students available at today’s event who can offer insight into the many ways students can help raise funds through ways such as simply shopping at our local businesses.


Questions can always be directed to any booster member or by attending our all-parent meeting right after school begins in the fall.  Specific questions about payment plans and other donation details can be directed to our treasurer at treasurer@mvhsmusic.com .


Recommended Program Donations for fall 2019 (by ensemble):

      Marching Band                                    $500

      Color Guard                                          $500

      Orchestra                                              $250

      Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble    $250

Is this all I will contribute for the year?

No.  The recommended program donation represents a contribution to the ongoing financing of the program overall.  There are additional program-specific costs such as those related to overnight travel, individual equipment, etc.  See your ensemble manager for details.