Mission Viejo High School Instrumental Music

A Message from Mr. Westphal Regarding School Closure Updates

MVHS Music Families:
Hello again! I hope that you are all staying healthy, and adjusting as well as you can, given the
circumstances. There are more changes coming (hopefully leading to more stability) and I
wanted to connect with you all to let you know what I know. Once again, I want to stress that
info is changing daily, and I will let you know if anything changes.
First, we are moving to online school. Mr. Meeuwsen and I will be utilizing Google Classroom.
Please take a minute and sign up for the classroom that corresponds to the class that
you are enrolled in. The codes are as follows:
Wind Ensemble: ap7yaxv
Symphonic Band: 4wfixxu
Intermediate Orchestra: yoqiz5h
Advanced Orchestra: 7zb6jmr
Drumline: x4twn44
Color Guard: 4y6jnjm
Jazz families will get correspondence from Mr. Meeuwsen soon.
Second, I have been building a Google Site. Its purpose has changed slightly in the past few
days, and it is a work in progress, but please bookmark it and check it frequently. It is where
links to resources and materials that can be used by everyone will be posted. This will ensure
that every class gets what they need in the most efficient manner. The website link is
Third, I know that materials and access to equipment may be an issue for some of you. Soon, a
form will go up on the website. I will put it on the home page. Please fill it out. It is important
that every student do it. It should only take a minute. It will help us a teaching crew figure out
what sorts of things we can assign, and how we can help select individuals who may not have
the same access as a typical student. It will also help us develop a plan for getting students
instruments that may have been left at school. https://forms.gle/5JFNyooXGsxsZeLg8
Finally, breathe! I know there are a lot of changes and the world feels like it has gone upside
down. We as a school staff will do our best to make this the best experience for you all. In the
meantime, go for a hike, read a book, play your instrument, FaceTime your friends, and relax. I
look forward to hearing from you all soon. As always, please reach out if you need anything.
Bobby Westphal
Director of Instrumental Music
Mission Viejo High School