Want Professional-like photos of your child in action?

At every event for every group we have our volunteer photographers go on the field and inside the ropes to take candid photographs of all individuals as well as group shots. Then we post them on Shutterfly for you to view and purchase prints. We have this year and the last two years available at these links:

If you look up at the top right hand corner of the Shutterfly page you will see a link “Sign Up”. Here you can become a member of Shutterfly. Then when you are on our Shutterfly page, at the top right again their is a link to “Ask to become a member”. Click this and enter your email, and our photo manager will put you as a member of the page. You will then not only receive email messages whenever new pictures are put on the site but will also be able to download any picture to your own computer for free! But only if you “Ask to be a member” so be sure to do that.